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~*Perky Perky Mode*~

*:~Everyone Knows Brunettes Are Better~:*

3 January
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Hello I am minykgirl and I am from the United States of America. I have one sister, a dad, and a mom and I love to play volleyball it is my favorite hobby. I also like to sing I take lessons during the summer. I seldomly read manga or manwha but when I do I will read Angel Diary, Cynical Orange, and Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode. My favorite video game is Mario Kart DS or Animal Crossing: Wild World (I think that is the name). I love to play those games. XDDDD

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Blogging Stuff!
I'm Pricilla at the Winx Club blogcrew! Join?

I'm Sailor Jupiter at the Sailor Moon blogcrew! Join?

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Thats Me!

I Love You SOOOOOOOO Much Matty!!!
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